Manufacturer’s Description

Ever wish your desktop could shed its skin and grow into a more powerful animal? Style XP gives your XP desktop a sleek look of your choosing and helps you get more out of your PC. Not just a skinning engine, this themeing software lets you use your own graphics to build your own visual styles.

Style XP harnesses the power of XP's built-in visual style engine to run new desktop themes without making a dent in your PC's system resources. If you prefer to noodle with the styles, you can sacrifice a little RAM to run Style XP from the System Tray. Style XP comes with several themes beyond the now-stale XP standards, and offers hundreds more.

Style XP's themes are more than a pretty face for your desktop. Like XP's original styles, they offer three sizes of fonts to keep screens legible for everybody. And Style XP's attention to higher-DPI resolution helps you get the most out of your monitor.

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