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Date Added Feb 25, 2005
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows XP
Description Want to banish pop-up ads, browse using a convenient tabbed-window interface, and wean yourself off the sweet nectar of the evil Microsoft empire? Check out Mozilla, the future browser engine of the Netscape/AOL empire.

Mozilla, developed by the open-source community, is a cross-platform product with support for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh 8/9/X. Several years in the making, Mozilla sports some cool features. One highly touted feature is the tabbed-window interface that lets you open new pages easily: Instead of forcing you to open a new window and then click back to see your previous screen while the new window loads, Mozilla offers a tab to the new window and loads that page in the background, letting you stay focused on the work at hand. Another welcome advance is the ability to turn off pop-up ads and animated GIFs.

Besides the browser, Mozilla includes an instant-messaging app, an e-mail client, Web-composer software, and some nifty cookie-management and antispam features. Mozilla is skinnable, too.

Visit Mozilla's site to download the latest version (1.7.5 RC 1) of Mozilla. Keep in mind that since this is an alpha release, you should expect bugs. If you'd like to download the safer, full release (1.6), click the following link.

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