Manufacturer’s Description

Winning a race can be exhilarating, but nothing beats the sheer joy of winning and then humiliating all the losers with some trash talk. Wacky Wheels lets you do both, because two players can compete head-to-head at the same computer (in split-screen mode), or over a modem connection or serial cable.

You can also race against computer opponents, whose degrees of difficulty you can adjust. Choose from a variety of animal opponents, including a tiger, an elephant, a raccoon, a panda, and a shark. As you race, you have to avoid obstacles, knock against other players, launch weapons against your opponents, and use a hand brake to skillfully hug tight corners without spinning out. You can even perform aerial stunts.

There are 21 tracks to choose from, each with special obstacles such as water traps, cacti, oil slicks, and stacks of tires. Some tracks are surrounded by water and even lava. Weapons include bombs, oil slicks, ice blocks, and flame balls--you can even hurl hedgehogs at your opponents.

There are six game modes to choose from, including standard racing, time trials, and battle zones. One option is the Duck Shoot-Out, where the object is to race around an area full of obstacles and walls, all the while collecting ammo and shooting at ducks on wheels.

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Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
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