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The latest version of RealNetworks' media player has several new features that will help to sate your thirst for multimedia entertainment. The player includes a browser based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer that lets you search for music and video while you enjoy what you already have. The player is also integrated with RealJukebox, which lets you arrange your MP3s in neatly organized folders. If you've used file-sharing services such as MusicCity, Morpheus, and Kazaa, you know how easy it is for your MP3 collection to become gigantic and unweildy; RealJukebox's organizing function is invaluable.

RealOne's embedded CD-burning software is the player's hidden gem. Though other CD-burning programs make you download special codecs, RealOne does not: Everything you need is included. The same goes for RealOne's expanded search feature, which makes it easier for you to locate MP3s on the Web. Like other players, RealOne gives you access to nearly any Internet radio station; it also has advanced controls, including a 10-band equalizer.

RealOne, of course, is designed to be part of a larger purpose: enticing users to subscribe to RealNetwork's SuperPass service. Not only does it let you access shows like, CNN, and, it also lets you legally download music from MusicNet, a joint venture between AOL Time Warner, Bertelsmann, and EMI Group, with access to thousands of songs.

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