Current Version 8.0
Author Symantec
Price $70.00
Downloads Count 277,427
License Type Buy Only
Date Added Mar 9, 2004
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows XP
Description Tackle the previously nightmarish, daylong task of partitioning your hard disk. Using Partition Magic's step-by-step wizards, you can separate operating system files from data and applications (and thereby "quarantine" crashes), resize inefficient FAT clusters, and even hide partitions.

You can easily run multiple operating systems, convert file system types, and fix partition table errors. The included BootMagic app lets you decide which operating system you want to boot at startup.

You can create partitions of up to 160GB. PartitionMagic now supports GRUB, Linux SWAP, and Linux Ext3 partitions. This version includes FireWire and USB2 support.

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