Manufacturer’s Description

Want to be bad to the bone without suffering any pesky legal and moral consequences? In Grand Theft Auto, your unfriendly neighborhood crimelord orders you to steal cars, kidnap citizens, run drugs, and generally become a menace to society. Each unsavory mission completed is a rung in the ladder to criminal status and success. This demo of an early version sets you loose for six minutes and up to four missions on the mean streets of Liberty City. This violent game is not for the faint of heart.

Note: The most recent version of this program, Grand Theft Auto III, does not have a trial version, but you can buy it by clicking here.

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BMG Interactive

The Specs

Requirements 486/100
Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft DOS
  • Microsoft Windows 95
Download Details
License Type Demo
File Size 9.308 MB
Total Downloads 167887