Manufacturer’s Description

Add a refreshing change to your desktop by replacing your icons. This free collection of 5000 icons includes items such as animals, faces, holidays, movies, music, science fiction, sports, cartoons, transportation, art, food, and plants. Overall, the icons are well drawn. For instance, the Red Sox baseball cap, part of a collection of all the major league baseball teams, shows the team logo and dark shadows outlining the curvature, where the front meets the bill.

The icons are suitable for any display of 256 colors or better. The file includes an installation program, along with a utility that lets Windows owners use the program even if they haven't installed Microsoft Plus.

Note: To view and install this program you will need an icon manager. We recommend Microangelo, an all-encompassing, first-rate shareware program. If you prefer to download free programs, we recommend Icon Viewer to display your icons and ActivIcons to install them.

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