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Now that you've tried your hand at blowing away multidimensional creatures with artificial intelligence, how about showing your fellow humans your newfound skills? Quake II's multiplayer mode allows multiple players to enter a game together, over the Internet or on your local area network.

The most popular way to play Quake II Multiplayer is a Deathmatch, which has no monsters, just player versus player. The goal of the game is to kill your opponents more often than they kill you. Each kill counts for one "frag", and if you kill yourself then you lose a frag, thus it's not a great idea to go swimming in the lava or juggle your own grenades.

Of course there's the normal play against hostile computer-driven cyborgs that are no less ruthless than your buddies who are trying to wipe you out. No need to worry, whether your enemies are silicon or carbon-driven, you've got something for them: Your arsenal includes super-shotguns, hand grenades, hyber-blasters, and rail guns (firing depleted uranium slugs).

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id Software

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Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 95
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