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Date Added Apr 19, 2010
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Description Music lovers and YouTube fans have a new reason to be excited. Instead of being limited to enjoying their favorite clips only through the site itself, they can now download MP3 audio track versions of all their favorite videos thanks to the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. This convenient and free application allows the millions of YouTube users to extract the audio from those clips either one at a time or in batches. Users can select to download groups of clips from their favorite's lists, their playlists, show lists, selected site channels, or even from the responses left for another video. One of the best parts is, of course, that the extraction does not result in any type of sound deterioration. What fans of the video enjoy online at the site, they will enjoy just as much once they use the MP3 converter to make the audio more accessible and portable. When each file is extracted, the program goes a step further for your convenience by filling in artwork and title tags so you don't have to and so you can keep the files straight without getting confused about which is which. Another extra feature included in the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is that it will turn off your computer automatically upon finishing the batch conversions if the user wishes. This is a great feature if you don't have time to wait for the process to finish but you don't want to leave your computer on indefinitely. And do keep in mind that this MP3 converter performs the job faster than the competition.

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