Author Stanford Security Lab
Downloads Count 45,010
License Type Free
Date Added Jan 4, 2007
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
Description This excellent tool lets you use a single password at your end but achieve the safety of generating a unique and robust password at each site.

The "Download Now" link above will take you to the utility's download page, where you can choose a version for Firefox or Internet Explorer (6 or 7).

Once installed, use Password Hash by hitting the F2 key in a password field before you type your password. Then, when you submit the password, Password Hash will run what you typed through an algorithm and convert it to a unique, strong password.

Web sites only see what Password Hash sends, and won't have any record of what you actually type. So you can remember just one password and yet have unique passwords at every site where you use the utility.

For existing accounts you'll need to change your password using the utility before you can use it to log in. When the site prompts you for your new password, hit F2 in the new password field(s) to have Password Hash work its magic.

Password Hash also affords a degree of anti-phishing protection, because it uses the domain name of the site where you enter the password as part of the algorithm that creates a password. So if you mistakenly enter your password on a fake site that looks real but comes from a different domain, Password Hash will send a different password from what it sends to the real site.

Finally, if you need to log in to an account using a computer that doesn't have Password Hash installed, you can head to and use the online utility there. Enter the site address and the password you type, and the utility will show you the hashed password that Password Hash sends. Cut and paste that into the site password field to log in.

--Erik Larkin

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