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Macs and Windows software finally come together in Apple's public beta of Boot Camp. According to Apple, this is a preview of a feature in Apple's next Mac OS X, Leopard. If your software and hardware meet the rigorous profile, though, you can get this functionality on your current Intel-based Mac. You can enter Boot Camp and emerge with a CD full of Windows XP drivers for your Mac.

Boot Camp promises to help you burn a CD with Mac-specific drivers for Windows audio, graphics (a weakness of the earlier, independent Windows XP on Mac), and networking. Other drivers include those for Bluetooth and for Mac functions, such as AirPort wireless, the Eject key of the Apple keyboard, and brightness control for built-in displays.

Hardware requirements include an Intel-based Mac, Mac OS X Tiger v10.406, the latest firmware updates, and 10 GB hard disk space. You'll also need a blank recordable CD (for the software), a printer (to print out the instructions), and a Windows XP Home or Pro edition Service Pack 2 disc. Apple stresses that it must be a "bona fide installation disc" and that it can't be a multi-disc, upgrade, or Media Center version.

Note: The following link takes you to the vendor's page, where they request system information and an e-mail address before downloading. This beta is not supported by AppleCare, and the vendor takes no responsibility for damage caused.

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