Manufacturer’s Description

Take a spin in the latest installment of the Tribes series of first-person-shooter games with this demo. Tribes: Vengeance features souped-up graphics based on the Unreal engine, and a full single-player game (previous Tribes games were meant to be played online only). Unlike many other FPS games, the Tribes series emphasizes teamwork and cooperation in achieving goals, such as capturing flags or enemy outposts. This multiplayer demo lets you play online with (or against) friends.

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Irrational Games

The Specs

Requirements 256MB RAM, 3D graphics board, DirectX 9.0c, at least 800MB free on hard drive to install
Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows XP
Download Details
License Type Free
File Size 495.155 MB
Total Downloads 33383