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The Internet is an interesting place to visit, but who knows what might follow you home? SpySubtract helps find and destroy the parasites that latch onto your nice clean PC. This spyware remover gives you the scoop on flagged items, telling you whether they're major threats or just a little nuisances--and letting you decide which to eradicate. SpySubtract also automatically backs up files before removing them, so you can reinstall them later if you want to. In addition, SpySubtract includes Spy Sleuth, a unique technology that details when spyware was installed; once you know what Web site you were visiting when your PC contracted the bug, you?ll know if it's a site you need to avoid.

SpySubtract's fast spyware scanner helps you get down to the nitty-gritty quickly. You can run either a quick scan for threats or a full scan to scour out lingering traces of spyware in your system. With the advanced scheduling option, you can set automatic scans.

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