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Description "Work" and "Word" differ by only one letter, but if you're writing something other than standard documents, efficiency and the Microsoft Program can be miles apart. This collection of handy macros and utilities helps you bend Word 2000 to your will. Font Sample Generator produces a sample document of all the printable fonts in your system, helping you to choose the most attractive and legible one. AutoCorrect Utility gives you the power to back up, restore, and move AutoCorrect entries.

When you make the move from WordPerfect to Word, don't leave your old contacts behind. The WordPerfect Data Formatter converts some WordPerfect data files labels into a format that can be used as a mail merge data file. Modify Address Layout lets you decide the layout of addresses in Personal Address Book, Schedule+, or your Outlooks Contact List.

Find Symbol allows you to find and replace Symbols in your documents (particularly useful if anyone you know likes to change his name to an unpronounceable character and back again). Writing up your research becomes far less of a chore with the Insert Footnote wizard, which helps you create footnotes in the Chicago Manual of Style and MLA formats.

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