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Date Added Jul 5, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Macintosh OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Macintosh OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
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Poser 8 is the world’s most complete solution for creating art and animation using 3D characters. With Poser, it’s easy to make 3D art, whether you’re an experienced artist or you’re dabbling in graphics for the very first time.

Poser 8 offers a new user interface, preserving the elements that Poser users are accustomed to, while presenting them in a more concise layout that takes better advantage of various screen resolutions. The new layout produces a cleaner work environment so artists can focus on the project. All controls are presented in floating palettes that can be docked for consistency, session to session, or floated to free up space.

The new set of eight 3D humans included with Poser 8 are the most advanced figures ever included with the application, and are a showcase for new Poser 8 features. Built from scratch, the low res and high res figure variations are performance optimized for the polygon count and have photorealistic textures. Rigged using Poser 8’s new multiple sphere and capsule fall off zone technology, problematic joints such as hips and shoulders now bend with more realism. By using the new Dependent Parameter tool to link deformers to specific joint positions, areas such as knees, elbows, chest and collar joints have smoother folds, less stretching and more realism. The new Poser 8 figures are offered in four pairs of male/female couples with European features, African features, Asian features and Hispanic features. The Poser 8 new figures are fully compliant with the Face Room, the Walk Designer and Talk Designer, and via the use of Wardrobe Wizard, existing clothing content can be converted to work directly on the figures.

In addition to the new set of figures, Poser 8 includes an array of new content supplied by third party partners as well content created by the Smith Micro team of 3D artists. A new art-school inspired default manikin opens each new scene, and will serve as a remarkable reference figure for artists. Fully articulated human skeletons that match the male and female figures body topology are included. Various new poses, animations, light sets, props, and accessories to help new users get started are included in the Poser 8 content installer. Poser 8 also includes 1.8GB of legacy Poser content. And as a registration incentive, a collection of useful additional content will be offered for download following registration of Poser 8.

Poser 8 unlocks an advanced user technique with the new Dependent Parameter tool. Poser 8 lets you interactively create new Master Parameters or turn any existing Parameter into a Master Parameter that can drive any other editable parameters in the scene. Complex interactions can be created such as Full Body Morphs, Partial Body Morphs, Advanced Body Controls, Joint Controlled Morph Targets, Joint Controlled Deformers and Parameter Controlled Scene Assets. When a Master Parameter has been created, its Dependent Parameters can be edited or added to, and all Dependent Parameters are displayed with both their Natural Value and their Master Parameter Driven Value. A mouse click on either Dependent or Master Parameter Options will reveal the Master or allow Dependent Parameter dditing.

With Poser 8 comes a significant improvement in the current Morphing Tool. Users can dial in a Morph Brush and paint morphs across body parts, then save a set of individual body part morphs as a single Full Body Morph channel in the figure’s “Body” Parameters. Easily create effects such as muscle bulges, scales, bumps, horns, veins or wounds.

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