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We all have our favorite search engines, whether it's Google or Hotbot or Altavista. But what happens when you don't find what you're looking for? Of course, you can shuttle from one to another, but that takes time. WebFerret makes your searching simpler by simultaneously querying multiple search engines, and returning an unlimited number of results.

Type in the word that you'd like to search on, then choose All keywords, Any keyword, Exact phrase, or Boolean Expression. The results are then returned as a sortable list, and can be saved for further researching. You can also filter out foul language and pornography and remove duplicate hits.

This version introduces adjustable and selectable columns with abstracts, validation and ranking, deep searches, keyword suggestions for searches, and a number of other tweaks and new features.

Note:The $30 Pro version runs faster and offers frame-free advanced searches.

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