Current Version 1.0
Author Windows X's Live
Downloads Count 32,622
License Type Free
Date Added Jun 12, 2009
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
Description Because Windows Vista is more or less the core of Windows 7, it's fairly easy to make the former look like the latter (as evidenced by the aforementioned taskbar and thumbnail-preview tips). However, Windows XP users have fewer options at their disposal. That's why developer Windows X Live created the Seven Transformation Pack (, a collection of UI tweaks--menus, icons, fonts, buttons, etc.--designed to make XP look and feel just like Windows 7. And guess what: It works as advertised. The before-and-after difference is pretty amazing, right down to the search-enhanced Start menu and Windows 7-style floating gadgets. How to get it: Before downloading this fab freebie, make sure your system has XP Service Pack 3 installed. I'd also advise creating a restore point in XP's System Restore tool before running the installer, as the Seven Transformation Pack makes some pretty high-level changes to your system. When it's done, reboot, then be prepared to witness the minor miracle of Windows XP transformed to Windows 7.

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