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License Type Free
Date Added Oct 30, 2002
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
Description If you dial-up your ISP through a single phone line, you're probably missing a lot of calls while online. That may not be a cause for concern if you're a misanthropic sociopath, but for those of us who want a semblance of a social life, it helps to know if someone is calling.

Channel 2 works with your call-waiting feature and alerts you to an incoming call, giving you the option to answer it. You can also have the program automatically disconnect from the Web so you can answer a call. If you like the fact that you're missing calls, you can also disable the alert signal and ignore incoming calls altogether. Channel 2 works during any online session and with all Internet access providers, including America Online.

Your must own one of the modems listed here to use this download's features.

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