• Cross-platform collaboration
  • Industry-standard features and performance


  • Price is not for starving artists

At A Glance

The industry standard for scriptwriting, this program is expensive but worth it for pros.

Manufacturer’s Description

If you wake up with the idea for next year's summer's blockbuster film, the last thing you want is to have to be burdened with the formatting rules and standards dictated by the entertainment industry. Final Draft, a word processor designed for writing movie scripts, helps you avoid drowning in details that have nothing to do with the storyline. It handles the scene numbers, MORE's and CONTINUED's and industry-standard pagination, so that you don't have to. For example, it can automatically label the top or bottom of each page with page number, revision, date, title, episode.

If you're collaborating on your script with a buddy, the program allows you to chat with others in real time. You can also have your script read back to you by assigning different voices to different characters. Also included are a spell-checker and thesaurus, and you can also build script-specific dictionary to add your own terminology. Additionally, Final Draft can be fitted with specialized foreign-language spelling and thesaurus files upon request. It also handles TV episodes and stage plays.

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