Manufacturer’s Description

It doesn't take much for your MP3 collection to fall into disarray--a download here, a ripped CD there, and before you know it, your library is full of files with misspelled song titles and recordings attributed to both "Simon and Garfunkel" and "Simon & Garfunkel." MoodLogic changes that with a few clicks of a button. The software automates the process of fixing and organizing digital music (MP3, WMA, and .wav) files in bulk. Once the tunes are organized, you can sort music by genre, artist, tempo, and mood (aggressive, mellow, upbeat, happy, romantic, sad), and create playlists accordingly. Music "mood" information is culled from MoodLogic's database, which is populated by songs profiled by users. The automation is great for songs that are easily identified and already profiled; if yours are not already profiled, though, you must manually go through the five-screen profiling process to add them to playlists.

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