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Tournament Tracker is a program designed to assist you in running a pool for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Point totals for each entry and standings are automatically calculated for you. You can define your own scoring options, print status reports, view a particular entry, sort entries in several ways, find out who's been mathematically eliminated, and generate HTML- and text-based reports. Another useful feature is the ability to run several pools simultaneously, each with its own scoring system and entries. Along with Tournament Tracker, you'll have a companion product called Picks. This program provides an easy, graphical way for everyone entering the pool to pick their teams. As the pool coordinator, you can give the Picks program (a small EXE file) to everyone who wants to enter your pool. All participants can then make their own team selections and all you need back is their "pick" file. Simply add these pick files to your pool from within Tournament Tracker and you've completely avoided the nasty data-input drudgery.

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Sports Data Technologies

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  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
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