Current Version 2.0
Author Websense
Downloads Count 6,264
License Type Free
Date Added Mar 21, 2011
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Backed by the power of Websense, Defensio provides superior security against threats targetting social media, along with improved management and control of content posted on any site.

Defensio can now protect your personal or corporate Facebook profiles from spam and malicious content. In order to offer you the best possible protection against unwanted user-generated content, we teamed up with the leader in Web security, Websense. We can now detect malware and viruses posted to your website. Spam is annoying, but malicious content is dangerous and can have devastating consequences for your users.

As you post articles to your blog and your readers' comments flow in, Defensio adapts to your content and habits in a personalized way. This means that no two bloggers will see Defensio react in precisely the same way, even for similar comments, which is a good thing, because one person's ham might be another person's spam. And our continuously evolving set of algorithmic tricks ensures that we'll never let spammers gain the upper hand.

While no filter is perfect, we believe in making spam management as easy as possible for the end user. The Defensio service sorts your quarantined comments by their "spaminess" value. This means that finding the occasional legitimate comment buried in your spambox (aka false positive) becomes dead easy: with Defensio, you simply need to monitor the top portion of your quarantine to be confident that there's no ham amongst your spam. You can now block links to external websites based on their category. For example, you can prevent your users from posting links to pornography on your website. You can configure which categories you want to block and which ones you want to allow.

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  • Free; Easy to use


  • Doesn't catch all suspect content; doesn't automatically delete content
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