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Description An insidious evil is descending upon the peaceful kindom of Keanor. The Palace lies in shattered, smoking ruins as armies of sinister warriors sweep the countryside defiling your once magnificent civilization. The once-proud Imperial Guard cowers in fear and humiliation, while the citizens flee their homes in terror, praying for salvation. Are you the hero they seek? TZAR Burden of the Crown puts you at the heart of the battle of Good against Evil. Set in the fantasy world of Keanor a land of beauty, mystery and magic. It is up to you to stop the armies of evil from conquering the world. Recruit, train and command vast armies of Knights, Archers, and Pikemen. Build mighty weapons to pierce the enemy defenses. Direct your wizards to unleash their arcane powers upon the enemy. Conjure devious Jinni, relentless Updead and mighty Dragons to wreak your people's vengeance against their conquerors. Can you uphold the Burden of the Crown?

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