Manufacturer’s Description

Dos Explorer was basically designed for all DOS user who suffer hardship in typing those terrible commands every time. This Software will make their work very easy by providing all their work under a mouse click. You may say it as a clone of windows explorer made for DOS. It has all features except for non-portability of long file names. The functions like encryption and compression of files bring a whole new life to working in DOS. Dos explorer can go to any depth in subdirectories as long as your DOS supports. Copy, Delete, Rename functions uses this feature so that you get all the subdirectories coming under their operation. Apart from these you could * Edit a file using the embedded basic editor. * Run the dos Executable file the EXE, COM and BAT files simply by double click. * Search for specific types of files in whole system. Who can use this software? People using DOS for daily works must have this software as their first preference software. If you are using Windows just imagine what this software could do for you during a windows crash. Copy this software into your WINDOWS STARTUP DISK and you will surely do your data recovery in a fly.

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Vinod Mishra

The Specs

Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
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