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The portability of PDAs makes them easy to misplace or forget, not to mention easy targets for thieves. Also, publicly available free programs such as "No Security" allow anyone to bypass the default Palm OS security system.

PDABomb locks a Palm OS-based PDA device, encrypting both standard Palm OS application databases, such as Address and Datebook, as well as third party application databases. You can disable data transfer mechanisms, such as HotSync and the IrDa port, so that retrieving information is impossible without a password. Your can keep your data secure even if the device is reset.

You can also choose either to allow unlimited password attempts or to activate the "bomb." Once activated, it will only allow a limited number of attempts (3-10) to enter a password successfully. Once an unauthorized user reaches that limit trying to crack the owner's password, PDABomb will completely delete all the PDA's data and applications, preventing would-be information thieves from accessing any personal or classified information. All information can be easily retrieved by restoring a backup or syncing the device to the owner's computer system.

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