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Sure you may have bought your Palm to organize your life, but why should that stop you from having some fun with it, too? The Hot Games Pack includes a total of eight classic, strategy, and arcade-style games in both gray-scale and color modes. In Hot Snake, you run in circles, collecting crabs while avoiding walls and cactus. Eat and eat and grow in Hot Worm, while navigating a maze and not running into your tail. In Hot Lines you remove pieces from the board by lining up five similar pieces in a row, and the game gets harder as the board fills. Hot Xonix is a multilevel game in which you try to fill 70 percent of the screen with color. Hot Pipes is a strategy game where you prevent water from spilling by adding pieces of pipe to each other. The classic games Hot Hangman, Hot Othello/Reversi, and Hot Checkers are also included to let you kick back with the games you grew up with.

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