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MyWC2002 is a football (soccer) management program for the upcoming FIFA 2002 World Cup to be held in Korea/Japan. It consists of one big form where you can enter all the scores and immediately see the resulting standings and later matchups. It's a very convenient and easy way to follow the World Cup. Here are the program's features:-Fully multi-lingual: English, French, and Spanish. -Allows you to enter your time zone so that all game times are displayed where you live. -All scores (group stage until the final) are entered on one easy to use screen. -Chronological schedule so that you know when games are played. -Clicking on a team highlights that team throughout the screen. -Hovering over a game displays a hint showing the date, time, and city where the game is played. -Stadium information. -Links to relevant web sites. -Ability to print a report (to a file or printer). Version 1.2 fixes/adds the following: -Support for daylight saving time. Prior to this functionality, game times in countries that implemented daylight saving time were off by one hour. This is now fixed. -Added more web links to countries' official football federatrions web sites. Only two countries are now missing: Saudi Arabia and Senegal. NOTE: This program is optimized for use with a 1024x768 screen area (in order to fit everything on one screen). Higher or lower screen areas are fine, but it won't look as good! (ie, you will need to scroll to see some parts of the screen).

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Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
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