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Date Added Jan 13, 2011
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LIBOX is the hassle-free answer to enjoying your entire HD media collection (photos, video, music and docs) across all of your devices - and sharing it with your family and friends. And it's completely free. The LIBOX platform consists of a downloadable desktop app, Web app, iPhone app, iPad app, (Android app coming soon) as well as full support via Safari and Android mobile browsers. LIBOX was designed to let you enjoy and share your high definition media in full-scale resolution without needing to worry about capacity limits or tedious management issues. In addition to being free, LIBOX eliminates set-up, wires and boxes.

Unlike other services, many of which depend on expensive cloud storage, LIBOX intelligently syncs and/or streams media based on frequency of usage, storage availability and Internet connection, among other variables. Once you add media to your LIBOX account, it is automatically and instantly available to enjoy on any other device wherever you access your LIBOX account. The blended sync/stream technology makes your media available offline as well.

Best of all, LIBOX lets you easily share your HD media with friends and family.

Vendor's Note: The next platform update, anticipated in the next couple of weeks, will include support for the "APE" audio format.

When using LIBOX to sync huge amounts of media between two computers, the initial process of scanning and syncing may take some time, running in the background. After the initial sync, LIBOX only scans changes to the media collection, so subsequent syncing is almost instantaneous. Additional optimization of the initial scanning process is planned for an upcoming major platform update.


  • Slick interface; shares files seamlessly without regard to size; excellent format support


  • Buggy
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