Manufacturer’s Description

The Windows 98/SE/ME RAM Limitation Patch Program patches Windows 98, 98SE or ME to support Computers with more than 512MB of RAM. Unmodified Windows 98, 98SE or ME can malfunction or crash when more than 512MB of RAM is present. This allows Windows 98, 98SE or ME to use all avaliable RAM and to be used on the same Computer as Windows XP or Vista without limiting the amount of RAM. Swap File usage will be significantly reduced or even eliminated, providing a significant boost in performance, especially with memory intensive applications. This Patch supports 4GB of RAM and will utilize all 32-Bit RAM supported by the System BIOS. Most motherboards limit 32-Bit RAM to 3GB. Safe Mode is supported by this Patch, unlike the workarounds offered by Microsoft. This Version of the Patch supports localized versions of Windows including DBCS versions such as Chinese and Japanese. This free Demo Version will run for 10 Minutes allowing you to test the Patch in your own system before purchasing the full version.

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