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Athlete's Database is a training log that records, tracks, and analyzes basic cardiovascular workouts. It is ideal for running, cycling, swimming, skating, rowing, walking, hiking, and weight management. Main Features: *Great for any distance-time sport. *Designed for men & women at all fitness levels. *Works well on older computers. *Stores an unlimited amount of data. *Stores data for multiple users. *Records competition and training data. *Analyzes long and short term training. *Isolates factors that affect performance. *Calendar for viewing data by month. *Separates competition and training data. *Shows all workouts entered and missed. *Calculates minimums, maximums, avgs., and totals. *Generates comprehensive, easy-to-read reports. *Includes powerful search tools. *Calculator for basic and advanced calculations. *Performs metric and English conversions. *Helps calculate and monitor heart rate. *Calculates distance, time, pace & speed. *Creates line, bar, area, and moving avg. graphs. *Built-in speed menus save you time. *Printing and data export tools. *Comprehensive, easy to use help system.

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Edward Greenwood

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  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows ME
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