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AscToHTM is a powerful and highly configurable utility that converts text files into one or more linked HTML files. It recognises headings, bullets, indentation levels, emphasized text, tables and ASCII art. Full HTML table generation is attempted on detected tables. Hyperlinks can be added to section numbers, URLs, email addresses, USENET newsgroups and to user-specified keywords. The software recognises four different types of headings, and these can be used to generate hyperlinked contents lists for your files. When converting multiple files a directory index can also be created. Large files can be split into a set of smaller pages linked by navigation bars. If wanted these pages can be placed in a set of frames, with contents list on the left, and user-supplied header and footer frames. Each page can have title, colours, standard HTML headers and footers, style sheets and meta tags added. A preprocessor allows the production of variant documents (e.g., for internet and intranet publication), and the use of embedded HTML and include files in the source text. The preprocessor also allows you to customize fragments of HTML generated, for example to use images in navigation bars and horizontal rules. The software comes with many options to customize the output which can be saved to "policy files" and reloaded at a later date. The software supports the use of wildcards, and can be used for batch conversion. The software is supplied with extensive documentation, which is converted from text to HTML by the software itself. A great time saver for novice and expert alike, awarded 5 stars at ZD Net and others.

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John Fotheringham

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Operating System Compatibility
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
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