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Avira AntiVir Windows Professional is a comprehensive, easy to use antivirus program, designed to offer reliable virus protection to business users worldwide. Advantages: - Leading detection and elimination of viruses and malware. Now with a new search engine: yet faster and safer; - AHeAD Technology (Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection) to detect and ward off unknown or rapidly changing attackers; - Real-time monitoring of every file access through integrated on-access scanner (incl. archive scanning) as well as on-demand scanner for manual and time-driven search runs; - Integrated MailGuard email scanner (POP3 and SMTP) to examine incoming and outgoing emails. Including examination of email attachments. With AntiBot function to establish authorized senders and servers; - Quarantine management to safely isolate infected and suspicious files; - Scheduling and automation of routine tasks; - High performance through multi-threading/multi-daemon capacity (several files are scanned at high speed at the same time); - Extremely small, bandwidth saving updates of program and/or detection pattern database; automated updating and distribution via the Internet or network; - Network-wide administration by the Avira Security Management Center (SMC). NEW: Version 8 offers: - Integrated WebGuard to examine the HTTP based Internet data traffic against viruses and malware. With automatic possibility to block phishing and malware URLs (AntiDrive-by); - Interface with vertical menu system to access all modules easily and safely. Actions such as updates and search runs can be started directly in the interface. - AntiBot and AntiDrive-by; - New module: Rescue Systems. Limitations: The Installation Kit comes fully featured but the update service (FUSE) is disabled. To enable the update service (FUSE) you may purchase the appropriate commercial license from our

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