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ForKeeps Message Archiver is a relational database archiving and information retrieval system for Internet, AOL and CompuServe mail messages and downloaded CompuServe Forum and newsgroup messages. Import from a variety of message file formats into ForKeeps' relational databases. You can then browse, maintain and search your messages in one place, regardless of how and with which browser or mail program they were downloaded. ForKeeps has powerful features for information retrieval like indexing of every word in every message for very fast searches, message classification, presorted views, filtering, thread tree etc. Person files are automatically built from sender/receiver information, and duplicate persons can be merged and aliased. Built in task manager for scheduled import and batch processing. Supported file formats: Agent, AOL, Autosig, Becky, CISComm, CompuServe 3, 4 and 2000, CSNav, DOSCIM, Eudora, GoldenCompass, Gravity, MS Internet Mail, MS Internet News, NavCIS, Netscape, OUI, Outlook, Outlook Express, OzCis, OzWin, Pegasus, Pogo, Tapcis, TheBat, Virtual Access, WinCIM, Winvn and generic mail and news (RFC-822).

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