Manufacturer’s Description

The AverMagic Pro Plus e9 is a Net version of the AverMagic Pro Plus. Unlike other software, the e9 is a complete and resolution-independent software and production tool in the robust and time-tested AverMagic series for managing recurring digital workloads. Data and images can be manipulated in real time and combined with vector-based (as opposed to pixel or bitmap-based) images that are scalable to any size. This makes the e9 version of AverMagic Pro Plus software ideal for covering school, sports and social events. With the Windows-compatible AverMagic Plus Pro e9 software, images can be more efficiently uploaded on to websites automatically. Images can also be easily shared and printed from remote locations to a central digital lab. With this tool, templates or layouts of text and images can easily be exported to the AI Adobe Illustrator format to meet heavy-duty pre-Press requirements or to carry out process house functions. Software developers and programmers can use AverMagic Pro Plus e9 as an image-processing, database module engine that carries out production jobs instantaneously and readily delivers them to markets within a brief span of time. Third party programs can incorporate AverMagic Pro Plus e9 into their software projects without incurring any expense or obligation to the proprietors.

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Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
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License Type Demo
Trial Length 14 Days
File Size 12.106 MB
Total Downloads 1291