Current Version Version: 1.5 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Ivan Ovcharenko
Price $1.00
Description ImagePro provides easy-to-use interface to the Google
Image search. Just type the search keywords and
ImagePro will start fetching images from Google. Save
a photo or image to your Photo Albums or go to the
original photo/image web page.

"The app makes searching Google Images a breeze and
is an excellent way to find wallpapers for your iPhone or
iPod touch."

✔ ImagePro can post to Twitter!
✔ Due to the availability of unfiltered access to all
images and photos, including adult content, the rating
has been changed to 17+

● intuitive scrollable presentation of images & photos
● fast virtually infinite image collection; just keep
scrolling pages to retrieve additional results
● save images to your Photo Album
● post image/photo links to Twitter
● e-mail images to a friend
● touch image thumbnail to display a ZOOMABLE
● turn your iPhone to see full-size images & photos
in landscape mode
● SHAKE your iPhone/iPhod to return to the search
● high quality original images
● link to the original webpage
● advanced image search options
● filter by content: news content, faces, photo content,
clip art, or drawings
● filter by size: small, medium, large, or extra large
● filter by file type: JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP
● filter by color: black-and-white or full colors
● multi-language character recognition

Enjoy :)

According to Google Insights, these are some of the
popular image searches: art, wallpaper, cute, family,
funny, school, valentine, baby, blue, dog, easter,
amor, designs, cat, world, funny, pattinson, car,
pink, bikini, twilight, femme, girls, paris, facebook,
youtube, background, myspace, rihanna, hot, weather,
beyonce, canon, sexy, tv, wii, shoes, cartoon, clipart,
ferrari, love, wedding, miley cyrus, secret, moon

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