Manufacturer’s Description

USB hard drive FAT restoration application is read only and non destructive tool that can be effectively used to salvage missing or deleted data from inaccessible or formatted drives partitions. The critical files or folders may be lost due to accidental deletion, virus infection, human error, disk formatting or corruption, software malfunctioning and power outage. Logical drive partition unformat utility relocate and retrieves all major file types including PDF, GIF, JPEG, MPEG, FLA, DOC, TXT, HTML, XVID, JPG, MOV, WAV, VSD, FLA and PSD etc. Hard drive data retrieval utility provides window explorer style interactive graphical interface to help user in recovering data with ease. Notebook windows FAT data recovery application securely restores deleted files and directories even after use of (Shift+Del) key and emptied recycle bin. Removable hard disk files rescue tool regains deleted data on Windows 98, 98 (SE), ME, NT, 2003 Server, XP and Vista operating system. Features: * Disk files restoration application can restore erased or unavailable data from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and VFAT partitions on windows based operating system. * Notebook hard disk files repair software is fast and reliable tool that facilitate systematic help menu to assist user in operating the application features with ease and comfort. * Quick FAT data repair program can recover lost data due to disk crash error or corrupted MBR (Master Boot Record) and MFT (Master File Table) from fixed or external storage drive. * Hard drive partition unformat utility provides support to major manufacturers including Seagate, Maxtor, IBM, Hitachi, Fujitsu, NEC, Samsung, Toshiba, Quantum and Western digital. * Professional windows FAT partition recovery tool can be used as a forensic tool for investigation use.

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