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Don't wait for your customers or users to report a problem; know about it before it affects them. Let Server Nanny monitor your important servers and network devices, notify you of problems, and even correct problems so you don't have to. Server Nanny runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003 and has over 25 different monitors including: ping, DNS, Windows service, disk space, process memory usage, server memory usge, HTTP, HTTPS, SQL, TCP port, custom script, custom executable, and more. The system notifies you immediately to problems via e-mail, net send, custom script, and custom executable. It can also perform actions such as restarting servers, starting/stopping/restarting services, custom script, and custom executable. Server Nanny keeps detailed monitor logs and can generate graphical reports from them. It also has a real time, graphical log viewer for current and historical monitor data. The monitoring engine runs as a service for maximum availability and minimum resource usage.

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Dana Holt