Current Version 5.2
Author Erik Oredson
Downloads Count 637
License Type Free
Date Added May 3, 2010
Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
File Size 0.202 MB
Description Copyit is version 5.2a of the DOS copy utility. This file includes the DOS copy utility which uses a 4K copy buffer to copy files from the DOS command line. Additionally the utility can detect and reset file attributes, scan for characters during copy to replace or delete, copy according to filesize or filedate ranges, and exclude filenames. Complete Basic source code is included and can be compiled using Visual Basic v1.0 Pro, or with backwards compatible include file for Qbasic 7.0 (PDS 7.1). System requirements are 512 KB. RAM, and 200 KB. free disk space. All files, programs, and source code included here is entirely public domain. These files, programs, and source code may be freely distributed without any restriction on their usage. These files, programs, and source code may be freely edited, altered, recompiled, and repackaged without any restriction. These files may be copyrighted and patented without any restriction. There is no monetary fee, donation, or time limit to the usage of these files, programs, and source code. Please thank the Author for their usage. Questions regarding this utility package may be redirected to the Author listed below. You may contact the author: Erik Jon Oredson AS. Csci At the email: and his programs can be found at the url: www.Simtel.Net, Full public domain disclaimer for authors is also included..

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