Manufacturer’s Description

BEAT THE ODDS is a fun game where you bet a set amount on a horse and watch it race against 5 other horses. Each horse has its own set odds that change for each race and horses placed first, second or third will win prize money depending on their starting odds. First place will win the full odds price back, second place wins half the full odds price and third place wins a third of the odds price. The idea of the game is to build up your money by picking winning horses as often as possible. The game has an in-built target amount of money that you should be aiming for, as this will unlock the game s cheat codes and allow you even more fun.

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The Specs

Requirements VideoCard/Monitor capable of at least 256 colours and minimum 640x480 screen res
Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
Download Details
License Type Demo
File Size 1.172 MB
Total Downloads 610