Manufacturer’s Description

EAX Panel is an add-on for Creative's Environmental Audio (EAX) Technology. It extends its portability and performance onto Windows-based Operating Systems. EAX Panel is small, easy-to-use yet powerful in its functionality. Whether you are listening to your favorite MP3's, playing the hottest games or just watching the latest DVD's on your PC, you'll have the horsepower you need for a full adrenaline-charged audio experience. No knowledge required to use it, but do make sure you bring along a spine for the nerve-shattering audio world you are about to step into. All EAX Panel requires is a Microsoft Windows Operating System and a Creative Environmental Audio Extensions (EAX) compatible sound card.

The Specs

Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
Download Details
License Type Free
File Size 1.447 MB
Total Downloads 566