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EIOBoard is not only an electronic in out board, it is an office communication tool. From quick status information to instant messaging, EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board does it all. If your company needs a well-designed office communication and status monitoring tool, then EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board is your answer. Why use another in out board, when you can use EIOBoard? EIOBoard includes an application, web, and PDA version. Not many other in out boards offer all of these interfaces. In addition to the many interfaces, EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board also offers Microsoft Outlook Integration. What does this mean to the user? It means that a user only has to update their calendar in one place. All they have to do is enter their calendar in Microsoft Outlook as they normally would, then simply synchronize it with EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board in the EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board application. This is a huge time saver for the users! No other in out board solution offers this feature! These are just a few of the many features offered in EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board. EIOBoard Electronic In Out Board Key Features Accessible by wired or wireless phone, PDA, laptop or desktop computer Integrated instant messaging Fully customizable Contact information with portraits Organization specific locations and groups Contact information User-defined friends list Built-in memo and message tool Customizable color-coded Statuses (In, Out ,and Unavailable) Change Status by individual Calendar and time controls One-click status updates Individual status history on demand Time and attendance integration Biometric integration (Card Scanner, Fingerprint, HandPunch) Quick search by name or extension Multiple views Built-in, immediate-response help center Microsoft Outlook Integration Future Status Entry

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Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
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