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What is HTMLSqueeze? It's a command line utility to compress web pages (HTML files). The power behind HTMLSqueeze is that if you are building a web site on a local intranet, perhaps using ASP (Active Server Pages) you can pass this URL into HTMLSqueeze along with a parameter, determining the type of compression; then if you add calls for each page in your web site to a batch file, HTMLSqueeze shows is true power. HTMLSqueeze isn't just about compressing HTML files, you can use it to generate HTML files from dynamic sources, e.g. ASP, PHP etc. Features :- Accepts URLs as well as files; You can specify Just carriage return and Tab character removal, No compression, or full compression; Check for updates, via the Windows user interface. HTMLSqueeze is provided AS-IS and we make no guarantee about its functionality. We would be pleased to hear from anyone who has tried the program and has comments to make.

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Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
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