Manufacturer’s Description

Eglum Encrypter is a text and e-mail encryption tool. Using this encryption software you can encrypt and decrypt your e-mail messages and text on your computer. This is an excellent privacy protection tool for both individuals and corporate users who need to secure their personal mail and confidential data. Major features: - The program has a specially designed service for the secure transfer of encryption passwords to recipients of your encrypted e-mail and documents. - You don't need to remember and manually enter encryption passwords. With this program you can create a database of people you frequently communicate with, along with their individual passwords. Each time you want to encrypt a message, you just need to choose the person/organization from the database and the program will automatically enter the right password for you. - The recipient of your encrypted messages can decrypt them with one click, without the need to remember and manually enter decryption passwords. Eglum Encrypter is distributed on a free trial basis. You can download a fully functional version of this program and use it for 30 days, free of charge.

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The Specs

Requirements None
Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
Download Details
License Type Shareware
Trial Length 30 Days
File Size 1.004 MB
Total Downloads 342