Manufacturer’s Description

Screen-o-matic is screen-saver launcher. It launches your favorite screen-saver by monitoring working area with the Web Camera. Now Screen-o-matic works with Logitech TM QuickCam. Screen-o-matic captures the background of your working area and compares it with current picture. When you go for tea or coffee Screen-o- matic will analyze the image and launch a screen-saver. When you come back to work, it automatically switch-on the display. The Screen-o-matic allows to lock your screen by password. If your screen-saver is password protected then Screen-o-Matic will lock your computer each time you left the working area. Select "Start / Settings / Control Pannel / Display Properties / Screen Saver" and click "Password protected" to choose this option.

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Konst Research Software Development Group

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Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
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License Type Shareware
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