Manufacturer’s Description

KoalaTerm is a full featured telnet client and terminal emulator for Windows platforms. It provides full emulation to VT terminal series (including all display attributes, line attributes, ANSI color, downloadable soft character set, true transparent client-side printing, and much more), with additional features like scroll back buffer, flexible font selection, total key mapping, color mapping, file transfer, printing translation, etc. KoalaTerm has very powerful scripting capability built in for you to automate your daily jobs with your host applications, and it also provides macro recording for you to generate scripts automatically. KoalaTerm supports a wide range of character sets including most European and double-byte charsets, and host applications can use their soft character set to display special symbols and even images. Serial port and modem communication also supported, and a secured version also supports SSH1 and SSH2 connections with strong encryption and digital signature.

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Foxit Software Company

The Specs

Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
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License Type Shareware
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