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Based on new techniques and technology, ASD can keep your inbox clean by automatically deleting unsolicited emails even before you see them. Some quick highlights include: * Accurately detects spam * Ability to learn * Easy to set up and use * Very flexible (tune it the way you like) * Choice of automatic or manual deletion of spam * Email deleted before it reaches computer * Very slick user-interface * Various white-lists (that goes beyond just the sender) * Safe preview (spam and virus safe) * Incredibly small (less than 800k) * Can handle multiple POP3 email accounts * Multi-threaded * Good looking * New mail notification * Very effective integrated help system The core of ASD is based on spam indexes. It simply means that if an email has certain characteristics - such as a specific phrase, sender-address, attachment, etc. - each of them can add a configurable spam-index to that email. They are then added up, and if the sum is over the spam-threshold, the email is treated as spam. This makes a very accurate, flexible, and easy to use system. You hardly ever have to touch the keyboard to operate ASD. To tune it to the kind of email that you receive, just click a button and drag a bar and ASD will adjust to your new settings. A huge percentage of spam will be detected right after installation. Still it allows you to easily adapt it to the particular type of email that you receive. You can fiddle with knobs and sliders if you want to. In addition you have a Safe preview built in. This lets you safely read the email from within ASD. If the email should contains a virus, your computer will not be infected. And those 'call home' emails that are so frequently used by spammers will be prevented from doing just that. Aggressive Spam Defence is one of the most sophisticated anti-spam solutions available! (It was formerly known as Advanced Spam Defense)

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Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows XP
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