Manufacturer’s Description

MailExpress is a shareware that helps forward your email(POP3/IMAP) to your mobile phone. No matter where you are, you can have email directly pushed to your cell phone. You can also receive calendar reminder right on your cell phone. You don't need to ask help from any SMS (Short Message System) server or expose your email account to any third-party -- you control it completely and locally on your home or office computer. Features indclude: 1 Get email from POP3/IMAP server and forward it to your mobile handset 2 Filter the emails to be forwarded 3 Mobile calendar (send text alert to your mobile phone) 4 Import address book from Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, to make filter easier. 5 Remove the disgusting pop-up windows by their titles (this feature has nothing to do with cell phone, you can use it on any Windows platform) Supported O/S Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Supported Cell Phone Sevice Provider Canada and US Bell ATT Wireless Fido Cingular Rogers Nextel Telus T-Mobile Verizon

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The Specs

Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows 2000
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License Type Shareware
Trial Length 30 Days
File Size 1.172 MB
Total Downloads 252