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Milky Way, 2471 Mankind already began a long time ago to venture into deep space. By the development of the overlightspeed propulsion system they had the possibility of establishing colonies on far distant planets and of building space stations. Man was so able to make half of the galaxy to his home. They also got in contact with the Apa'ars, an extraterrestrial civilization that is living together with the humans in peace. But on the 25th of October an Apa'ar ship - on board also a few humans - came across an alien race in space sector 57. Those beings, calling themselves Qeyons, declared war on the two allied civilizations. They have the intention of annexing the humans' and Apa'ars' resources and of enslaving them. The two governments only received these news via hyperspace communication - the ship never came back. You are a Lieutenant of Mankind's Space Fleet, employed on Earth. Although still very young, Fleet Command assigns you without further ado a little ship docked on Earth's station - the SFS SKYLINER. You, some Fleet officers and volunteers now have the mission to do the best to defend the human civilization against the Qeyons. Already one week after war declaration your ship is knocked into shape, refueled, and equipped with weapons. The ship is released from the station and gets clearance for start. On all what you are going to do or to omit from now not only depends your own life and your crew's, but also the survival of the whole human civilization... Galaxy is at war!

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Operating System Compatibility Microsoft Windows XP
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