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RaceAid helps race officials compile and quickly print the results of their events. It is designed to support many different types of racing events including the following: Fun Runs, Road Races, Marathons, Cross-country Running Meets, Triathlons, Duathlons, Cycling Events (Including Stage Races), Cross-country Ski Races, Interval Start Events, Mountain Bike Races, Endurance Runs, Special Team Events Where Times of Team Members Are Accumulated. It has a simple approach. You begin by telling RACEAID what type of race it is: How long is the event? Is it made up of teams? Does the race have a normal or interval start? Do you wish to have split times calculated? What categories are in your race, i.e. men, women, juniors, etc. RACEAID then creates a form (or a spreadsheet) which appears on the computer screen. It's just a matter of filling out the blanks on the form (or columns in the spreadsheet). You can fill out names, bib numbers, etc. before the race begins, or do it while the race is in progress. When you start entering times, a special feature allows you to enter the bib number and the time, and the program takes care of matching the bib number with the appropriate racer. Among its functions, it will separate and place individuals into respective categories, score teams and individual team members, figure elapsed time in interval start events, calculate split and pacing times. The program will provide print-outs of the race results, including over-all placing, team placing (if it's a team event), category results, or event placings (if it's a multi-event race). It includes an export feature which allows you to move the results into other programs. RACEAID is a freeware program. It's available at no cost.

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Requirements 16 MB RAM, 1 MB Hard Drive Space
Operating System Compatibility Microsoft DOS
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License Type Free
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