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---------------Version History --------------- - Version 1.0 ----------- - First release - Version 1.1 ----------- - Up to 10 icons possible - Icons don't get seperated when another program registers an icon the same time TrayMeter does. (Usually happens when you put TrayMeter together with other programs in your StartUp folder) - Version 1.2 ----------- - Support for WindowsNT 4.0 - Version 1.3 ----------- - MS Knowledge Base Q135788 bug fixed (Thanks to Bryan Blackburn for that hint) - Tooltip that was missed in v1.2 re-added - Changed my Email-address because study will end soon - Version 1.31 ------------ - Fixed a bug that causes the entire taskbar to dance and flash when a window scheme with larger font is activated (Many thanks to Jarl McDonald and Andree Popp for reporting that bug, especially to Andree for helping me to find the cause) - Version 1.32 ------------ - Windows 2000 has 2 pixels between each icon in the tray. This was the cause of the program not running under Windows 2000. Fixed. - Version 1.33 ------------ - Windows XP reverses the order of the icons in the bar. Hint by Fr4nK. Thanks. Fixed.

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